Who we are?

Delma Medical Center is committed to meet all your medical needs. Equipped with the highest standards of medical technology, our professional team of consultants and specialists are committed to providing personalized care across all specialized services.
  • Our Mission

    Delma Medical Center aims to provide comprehensive and personalized medical care.

    We deliver our services in a friendly, efficient and professional environment through premium healthcare solutions that adhere to the highest standards of healthcare and clinical excellence.

  • Our Vision

    To be the best provider of healthcare services in Abu Dhabi across our areas of specialization.

  • Our Values

    Our core values support our dedication to bring the best in healthcare experience to our clients

    Integrity: We act with honesty and transparency maintaining the highest moral and ethical principles.

    Privacy: We value patient confidentiality and take utmost care to ensure all our processes safe-guard your privacy.

    Accountability: We place great emphasis on being accountable for the services we provide.

    Respect: Respect and mindful care are the cornerstones of our service experience.

    Excellence: We aim to always achieve excellence in everything we do.